River Camping

Camping on the bank of a river or stream is an activity many river rats enjoy during the warm summer months. Almost all will agree that there is no better way to enjoy a river than to spend a night or two under the stars, listening to the sounds of night and gurgle of water as it flows past camp.

However, opinions are as varied as the campers themselves concerning how to camp on a river. The vast majority of float campers like to have a lot of the comforts of home in their riverside camps, and it is not unusual to see camps consisting of large multi-room tents, fancy tables and chairs, radios, fans and a host of other gadgets.

Then there are minimalists — the bare bones, do-it-yourself, back to nature, river campers who pack as lightly as possible. Food, shelter and water are kept to bare survival levels for these folks. Most river campers, however, fall somewhere between these two extremes.

Perhaps 90 percent of riverside camps involve tents. They may range from expensive cabin tents to mere pup tents. The point is that most people still like a wall between them and whatever is in the dark on the outside.

The really brave folks among the “must have tent” crowd often leave the tent flaps up and the door open. Screens do, however, keep most of the bugs at bay. Too often, though, this style of camping makes for hot nights. Breezes can’t flow through small screened windows like they can with more open-air setups.

Screened canopies have become more popular in the last decade. They allow for less buggy meal times and work especially well for those wanting to sleep in a less restricting environment than inside tent walls. One can certainly catch the night breezes and enjoy the sounds a great deal more in a screened-in canopy.

Tarps are extremely functional as river camp cover. Size of the tarp needed depends on the number of campers sleeping over. An 8×10 foot tarp works swell for two people. A 5×7 is perfect for lone campers. I have utilized tarps as long as 30 feet for up to eight people. I tie the bank side of the tarp to overhanging tree limbs and carry tent poles and guide ropes for the fronts and side of the tarp.

arps allow for full air flow during the night and also keep dew and rain off of campers. Heavy rains and wind can wreak havoc on a tarp unless it is securely tied down. Tarps also allow for a place to cook out of the weather and make for a shady place to take an afternoon nap. Too, the cover is a good place to store items that need to be out of the weather.

Canoes also make excellent makeshift shelters. When traveling alone, I often use my canoe as my shelter for the night. With the addition of a small tarp, a canoe becomes an ample shelter for two. I simply flip the canoe over on its side and brace it up with a couple of sticks and drape the tarp over the top. I anchor the coverings with rocks on top and at the bottom once I have pulled them taunt.

Utilizing a canoe for shelter greatly reduces the amount of gear needed to camp on a river bank.  It certainly makes more room in the boat for more important items like fishing equipment. (One must assess their priorities.) I always figure I will spend more time fishing than sleeping, anyway.

Only rarely do I see river campers literally sleeping under the stars without any shelter from the elements. Sleeping on the gravel with nothing but a sleeping bag is truly the best way to see the stars, but it isn’t for most folks. I’ve enjoyed the experience several times, but prefer to have a small tarp or sheet of plastic to cover my sleeping bag to keep the dew from soaking my bag.

When using a canoe as a shelter, I’m always amazed at the comments I receive from folks as they float by my campsite. Most can’t believe that I would camp in such a fashion. One not-so-sober lady, who drifted by rather late in the afternoon, became so enamored with my canoe and tarp sleeping quarters that she wanted to spend the night. (That’s a tale of life camping on the river best saved for another story.)

Regardless of your river camping style, the important thing is that you are outdoors enjoying the wild things rivers have to offer. However, if you find yourself burdened with too much gear, try a different style of camping the next time you decide to float down a river and spend the night.

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Two-Person Tent: Information About Different Kinds Of Hiking Tents

Some practical ideas for choosing outdoor equipments will help when planning a camping trip. Choosing the right gear is the first step. Another important step is to consider how many are going on the trip and how long it will take. Each camper has preferences which affect the choices, and accessories have a big effect on the enjoyment level. Checklists, also, play a big part in the success of the outing.

Selecting the best gear for all concerned is a major decision. Ozark Trail tents offer plenty of choices in size and style and are sure to suit anyone. Hikers have different requirements than campers, and families have different requirements than couples. Scout troop members tend to camp differently than college groups. Ozark Trail outdoor equipment easily offers enough choices to suit anyone’s needs.

It is surprising how folks forget to think about the number who will be in the tent. All Ozark Trail tents have recommended occupancy limits to help in the selection. Choosing the right Ozark Trail outdoor equipment depends a lot on the number traveling together. Choices differ if buying for a couple, a family, or for a scout or church group.

When choosing gear, think about how long the trips are likely to be. Overnight campers need less than families who plan to be out there for two weeks. Also consider the needs of the others. In some cases, everyone can be in one tent and in other cases, privacy is issue.

Accessories can make or break a trip. Some campers like to really rough it and take nothing but sleeping bags, food, and maybe a lantern. Others prefer some comforts like air mattresses, sinks, and fresh water tanks and washing stations. Take the time to plan these little details.

Make a checklist and do not forget to use it. There is nothing so frustrating as finding out that someone forgot the batteries for the lantern or the air mattress pump. In the pleasure of planning the trip, it is too easy to forget if depending on memory alone. Reliable dealers can offer suggestions.

That special camping outing will go smoothly with some useful tips for selecting outdoor equipments. Be sure to choose the right gear for the people involved. Take into consideration the number in the party and how long they will be on the trip. Think about their needs and also select some special accessories. Check that checklist and choose an established dealer.

Just click on the underlined links to find out more about the different types of Ozark Trail camping equipment as well as the budget friendly Ozark Trail replacement parts and get the best prices.

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How Using Luxury Camping Tents Can Make It Fun To Sleep Outside Again

With money tight and people still wanting to be able to get out and get away, many are staying close to home. This has breathed new life into the idea of camping and enjoying the outdoors. Many still cringe at the idea of sleeping outside, remembering the trips of their youth, but with luxury camping tents trips are not as bad as they were.

As a matter of fact, camping is becoming more luxurious in many different ways. It is no longer necessary to crawl into a heavy sleeping bag and lay down on the hard ground. Instead, just pump up an inflatable mattress and be ready to go.

There are also portable water heaters that can provide nice hot water at the touch of a button. It is perfect for washing hands, cleaning the dishes or even taking a shower. It also sports a nice little table that provides a sink and faucet that will give piping hot water to make anything instant in well, an instant.

Propane gas grills are providing a change to the old campfire cooking. With one of these nice little grills, campers can enjoy the grilled foods they’ve always enjoyed or add the optional stove grate and cook anything else. There is nothing that can’t be cooked at the campsite that could be enjoyed at home.

Even camp furniture is emerging from the standard fold-up chairs to more plush and overstuffed pieces of furniture. The lantern has even evolved into being a remote controlled device that is easy to turn on and off at the click of the remote. There are even automatic drip coffeemakers that work very well on the standard camp stove that have a convenient pause and serve feature.

With the trends of the new generation of campers, there have even been apps for smart phones that have camping cookbooks. There is not a single comfort from home that can’t be brought out to the great outdoors. This has caused those who remember the fun they had a children being out in the wild, to bring it their children and grandchildren.

By starting the trip with luxury camping tents that will offer astounding views from any direction a person can truly get back to nature. Although, there are still many that do prefer to pack up and go with very little and live off the land. Either way, it can prove to be a very rewarding family experience.

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