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I am Tina, married with 3 kids and live in country Victoria. I have 25 years camping experience in many parts of Australia. We have camped many times on the Murray River and other waterways.

In the past decade we have also travelled to many parts of this amazing country. Absolutely loved seeing, experiencing and touching  places that we have all seen on TV or in a magazine.  We can’t wait for the next exciting adventure.

All information is based on my camping experiences. Use this information as a guide to your camping trips.

Family Friendly Oz Camping is for everyone who is interested in camping and travelling Australia – Where spectacular is an understatement!

You will find many informative helpful articles that are regularly added so you can enjoy your camping and travelling experiences more.

  • Learn how to prepare for that first time camping trip
  • Family friendly camping information – like how to cope with taking your kids camping
  • Tips and hints for experienced campers
  • A variety of travelling Australia articles
  • Several Checklists for you to use that I have used myself when packing for short camp trips or longer trips travelling Australia
  • Learn about how to organise & prepare for camp cooking
  • I have included itinaries from my families trips in Australia
  • And many more articles based on camping and travelling
  • Fresh articles are added regularly
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Every family, camper, traveller, backpacker is different and therefore every suggestion will not suit everybody, so use the information as a guide.

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