When considering the purchase of a caravan for your camping trips, certain factors must be taken into account before heading off to the dealership. Caravans are available in a vast array, which can prove both confusing and overwhelming, especially when buying your first caravan. If you have no clear idea about how to buy a caravan, listed below are some general factors to help you identify the best caravan to buy.


Pulling power

While most caravan dealerships may encourage acquisition of the biggest caravan available, your mechanic will not. Both the size and weight of a caravan are vital considerations before buying. Safety is a primary concern seeing that the well-being of your family is paramount.

A good rule to follow when making a purchase is relating the weight ratio between the trailer and car. Lower percentage ratios are better, and having a maximum of 85% as a reserve of power to overtake and climb hills is necessary.



Although towing a caravan is not particularly difficult, perfecting it takes time and practice. A smaller caravan featuring a short wheelbase might be the best option for beginners. Unfortunately, the smaller versions often lack some features such as separate showers, toilets, and bedrooms, which are standard features in the more deluxe versions that have longer wheelbases.



Caravans are available in all manner of shapes, but the traditional box shape trailer trailers increase the consumption of fuel. Most modern caravans are of streamlined shape, which reduces fuel consumption through the improvement of aerodynamics. It also adds stability while in transit.



When it comes to pricing, it is hard to nail a value and discern exactly how much to buy a caravan, especially for second-hand caravans. Utilizing a used caravan price guide might help since the variables involved can be both diverse and vast. It might also be possible to broker a deal even when buying a new caravan. It is a prerequisite to engage an experienced individual when going to the dealership and to have a clear idea about your caravanning requirements.

Ensure you are provided with a user handbook; a legal requirement that has to be met. The manual covers type, dimensions, weight, wheel and tire specifications, and also includes operational instructions as well as safety instructions.


Type of axle

Most dealerships usually have the single and twin axle type caravans available. If you are new to caravans, the most suitable type is a single axle caravan because although the double axle models are more stable in comparison, they are extremely hard to park. Additionally, two axles mean double the cost when it comes to tires and upkeep.




The duration a caravan might last is among the primary concerns for most first time buyers. Reputable dealerships sell trailers that last at least ten years, which can only be possible with proper care. Be sure to check thoroughly for warning signs such as dampness and moisture when you visit the dealership.


Caravan safety certificates

Before purchase, you will need a caravan safety certificate. A caravan roadworthy test covers all aspects and it should be conducted before issuance of this certificate, which essentially confirms whether the caravan you intend to purchase is at its optimal operational status. Reputable caravan certifiers comprise of safety inspectors who are accredited and qualified to inspect caravans and issue safety inspection or roadworthy certificates on the spot, which typically takes about 40 minutes.


Storage options

You will have to store your caravan somewhere whenever it is not in use. As such, if you have a small block available, or you want to keep your trailer covered, the type featuring fold-down roof sections or pop-tops might be your best option. Such caravans are additionally a little bit cheaper when it comes to overall maintenance since the low profile means even less wind resistance, which results in improved fuel economy.



A question often asked at caravan dealerships is what the most suitable design is, which actually comes down to personal preference. When considering the layout, you should think of what you will need the caravan for as well as how it should perform specific roles. The location of the dining area, availability of headroom, and the inclusion of work surfaces are among the factors to consider. The space available for the storage of your stuff is also a crucial requirement, and you should ensure the catches are well anchored, which enables secure stowing of your items.



A caravan is a significant financial investment, making it essential to ensure it is exactly what you need by taking the necessary time to consider the factors mentioned above carefully before making a decision. You should not merely accept the word given by the dealership. Today, a wide variety of websites containing model reviews exist. Such resources can be quite helpful when used before making decisions.

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