If you love camping, then you probably know it’s not easy to make your meals outdoors. Most of the times you end up making a crappy meal that no one wants to taste, and they would rather sleep hungry. Thus, build your own aluminium camper trailer kitchen that will come in handy when camping. Ensure that your trailer kitchen is fitted with all the essentials like a great working surface and enough storage drawers.

1. Gather ideas and decide on the amenities you’d like to include

• Gather ideas

Look for camper trailer kitchen designs and ideas to use. Ask friends for ideas who have made their kitchen trailers. Look for fresh ideas from the internet and come up with unique camper trailer kitchen plans. Draw the right plan for your kitchen and come up with an economic plan that will not outstretch your budget.

• Amenities to include on the trailer kitchen

A great camper trailer kitchen should have enough amenities that will make your kitchen function greatly. Ensure that your kitchen has enough working space where you can prepare your meals. A working space can function as the chopping board, and this will save you on the need to bring a chopping board. Also, you can look for camper trailer kitchen storage ideas to ensure that you can store all you might need for the kitchen. Kitchen drawers come in handy when you want to store all your spices and utensils.

2. Things to consider when building a trailer kitchen

• Material

Choose the correct material to make you trailer kitchen. Look for durable materials that will serve you for a long time. You can opt for a stainless steel camper trailer kitchens or aluminium camper trailer kitchen. These materials don’t rust, and they can last for a very long time.

• Size

You need to consider how big you want the kitchen trailer to be. You don’t want to have a big kitchen that won’t fit in your trailer while you go camping. Again you can’t have a big camp trailer kitchen which will be heavy, and you can’t carry it around. Also, you don’t want to have a small kitchen that won’t have enough working space for you. Ensure that the kitchen serves you how you want it, and it is of the correct size.

• Cost

Making a camper trailer kitchen is not cheap, but you need to stick to your budget. Calculate the exact amount of money you are going to use on the materials needed. Don’t compromise on quality by going cheap but aim at sticking to a workable budget. Get affordable aluminium or stainless steel for your sink and a great wood for your drawers at an affordable price.

• Know the priorities

Figure out what is essential in the camper trailer kitchen. Make camper trailer kitchen designs and weigh out your options. Choose what must be included in the kitchen trailer and what you can forego. For example, you don’t need to have kitchen sinks as you can opt to use a basin to clean your utensils.

3. Kitchen designs

• Tailgate

You can opt to bolt up to your kitchen onto a swing tailgate. When you open your tailgate, you can have access to the kitchen. Always ensure that the design allows you to have easy access to drawers and the water tank. This saves up on space and allows easy portability.

• Slide out

You can opt for a slide out design which works great if you want to save up on space. You can easily roll out and pull out the kitchen when you want to set it up. Built your kitchen with rollers to make it easier for you to slide it out.


You can now enjoy a hot steaming well-cooked meal when you are out camping. Look for great ideas on how to build a camper trailer kitchen.

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