Some of the Camp kitchen Equipment on this Checklist are essential and some are optional extras to take. You will have to assess what equipmentyou will take for the trip, the list below is a guide.You may like to add to this with your own suggestions.


Kitchen Equipment Checklist

Bags, boxes or tubs to keep kitchen gear in

Cutlery – Knife fork & spoons

Plates, bowls, plates etc

Cups or mugs

Matches or lighter

Heat proof glove – to handle hot billies etc

Light – with gas bottle or spare fuel

Billy or kettle and a hook


Mixing Bowl

Colander (rice)

Cutting board

Slotted spoon

Cutting or carving knife

Camp oven

Can opener



Tripod for campfire

Portable sink stand

Washing up bowl

Set of plugs for sink

Detergent and disinfectant

Scourer – Stainless or nylon type

Washing up cloth & brush

Rubber gloves

Tea towels

Clothes pegs and line

Portable Fridge or esky


Shower unit

Stove – with gas bottle or spare fuel

Stove stand

Dust pan and brush



Fire lighters

Toasting Fork

Fold Up Toilet & Toilet Paper

Food box with fitting lid

Garbage bags and carry bags

Grill – to go over open fire

Jaffle Iron

Water purification Tablets

Just remember the above list is only a guide and some of the equipment can be omitted or substituted with equipment from the kitchen at home

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