Camping can be a lot of fun, you can make it as relaxing or as adventurous and exciting as you want it to be. you can go bush camping by yourselves or with a group, you can camp in a Holiday Park with all the amenities the park has and still have a lot of fun and enjoy the company of othercampers and travellers.Kids love camping wherever you go.


 Camping gets up away from our everyday lives and allows us to spend time as a familyaway from our hectic day to day activities. Whether it is a short trip like a long weekend or for weeks, months it is great.


 There is all types of fun things to do when you are camping, depending on where you go and what style of camping you choose. Swimming is always fun in a pool, lake or river, you maybe able to hire a canoe, try fishing. Take ball games with you and get other campers involved, take your bicycles and explore the area. Explore nature, go bushwalking and see how many animales etc can be spotted. This photo shows what my kids call fun! What a mess!

If camping in a tent doesn’t appeal to you, then try a camper or caravan, you con’t have to far from home to have a great time. There will be somewhere to camp within a few hours of your home. Camping is fun try it you will be suprised!

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