If you are planning on going camping in the near future, you will need a fuel supply to cook your food or power your camper. This means that you should know ahead of time what type of gas that you need and how much of it to bring. According to Plusgas, here are things what should you consider when choosing the right gas cylinder for camping?


Choosing Between Propane and Butane for Camping

Whether you decide to cook with propane or cook with butane depends on a variety of factors such as when and where you are camping. Propane tends to work better in colder temperatures, which may make it the ideal substance for cooking during a chilly night or during a cool spring day. However, butane stoves are generally easier to use, and you generally get more energy per bottle when using it.


What Is the Best Cylinder Size for Camping?

There are many different camping gas bottle sizes that you can choose from. Those who are only going to be gone for a night or two may want to opt for a small camping gas bottle while those who are planning to be gone awhile may want larger bottles. Regardless of how much gas you bring along on a camping trip, make sure that a bottle can attach to your grill or stove. Ideally, you will check camping gas bottle fittings before leaving home.

How Long Does a Gas Cylinder Last?

A camping cylinder does not last for an indefinite period of time. In most cases, there will be an expiration date printed on the cylinder. Under no circumstances should you try to use a cylinder after this date as it could increase the odds of an accident. If you have a small gas cylinder for camping, it should last for up to 100 hours or until its expiration date. Larger gas cylinders may last for up to 400 hours or longer or until the expiration date.


Where Can You Buy Gas Cylinders for Camping?

The easiest way to buy a gas cylinder is to contact bottled gas suppliers in your area. This may be done over the phone, online or in a physical store location. While there, you can ask any questions that you have about gas cylinders or bottles. This may make it easier to pick the right supplies for your trip and help you to use them in a safe manner.

Going camping can be a great way to spend a day or even a few days reconnecting with nature. Whether you are travelling with friends or taking the kids for an adventure, there are few things more exciting than a camping trip. By making sure that you have the right equipment before you leave, you can ensure that your trip is both enjoyable and safe.

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