Do you love the great outdoors? And do you love it so much that you would like to extend it into a lifestyle? There are many wanderers who chose to lead this lifestyle and literally travelled with their campers. For example, The case of the filmmaker Zach Both. He converted an empty cargo van into a camping van (and his work studio).

Whether you would like to live the nomadic lifestyle like Zach do, or you are just all about a DIY project, or you are a part-time camper, you can read on to find out how you can convert an empty cargo van into a camper.

Planning, planning, and planning!

Preparing any camper van conversion is significant before commencing the process. If you fail to plan, you can find yourself wasting time and resources. Therefore, by planning, you will understand the responsibilities you have to do, the resources, and tools you will need when undertaking camper van conversion procedures. Also, by preparing a campervan conversion, you will understand the legal system for registering the vehicle that you will acquire. You should read below to have a clue of the preparation process for converting a van into a camper.

  • Budget

The cost that you will contribute is one of the factors of your conversion process. Thus, you should work out your budget before commencing the conversion procedure. By setting a budget, you will be able to acquire whatever you need. Hence, some of the things that you will spend on your conversion are as follows.

  • Tools

If you do not have gears required during the process, there are many different kinds of nutsert tools to choose from. It is highly desirable to go through the rivnut installation instructions before drilling a hole in the van to connect the rivnut. Also, you can seek guidance from experts to comprehend how rivet nut tool works.

  • Fittings

Since individuals preferences are not the same, how you are going to fit-out your vehicle will determine the amount of the money that you will pay. For that reason, if you want to install a simple seat, you do not need to spend a lot of money. However, if you desire luxurious fittings, you will need to pay an enormous amount of money.

  • Authorization

You need to note that before re-classifying your camper van, the road authority in your state will need to examine it first. Hence, you need to note that this legal stuff will cost you. Also, the funds that you will utilize to buy the automobile insurance policy will have a significant impact on your financial plan.

Standard of Expertise

Moreover, the skills required to transform a van into a camper is in the midst of the planning guide that you need to comprehend. Do-it-yourself experts have no issue to carry out the conversion procedure. Remember that it can turn to be daunting to perform tasks such as fitting windows without the assistance of a specialist. Therefore, it is recommendable to plan on acquiring help from other individuals such as your friends or relatives. You should put more emphasis on people who have some knowledge in camper vans or caravans. Additionally, you can get assistance from the forum to discuss anything about camper van conversions.

The Work Space

Additionally, you will require a space to work on your camper van conversion. If you do not have your driveway, you need to be more organized, especially if you are converting a van with it stationed in a public place. You can seek assistance from a family member or friend to park your camper in their driveway if they have well-tooled garages. For professional style conversion, you can opt to rent a garage in your location.

Re-categorize Your Van

Once you finish converting a cargo van into a camper, you require changing the classification of the vehicle with the road authority in your location. Thus, you will contribute cheaper road tax and insurance premiums after re-categorizing your automobile.

Driving Permit

The driving license is the last factor to contemplate when carrying out camper conversion process. Therefore, you should ensure that you hold a valid driving license to drive the vehicle you plan to modify. Since the law varies in each state, check to ensure you have the appropriate authorization category before undertaking camper van conversion procedure.

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