Preparing for camping or holidays can be a stressful time especially when you have limited time to prepare. Camping and holidays are supposed to be for fun and adventure so getting stressed is not a good start.

Only take what you need rather than taking extra things that you won’t use, excluding safety & repair gear and first aid & medication. Here are several ways and tips to help you get organised so that preparing for camping or holidays is much easier.

Start preparing at least a week before for a short trip or for a longer trip where you are travelling long distances and moving often start several months before leaving.

  • Use checklists as a reminder for what to pack. Tick things off as you collect them
  • Have your camping equipment stored together in a cupboard or a room, shed etc
  • Have the smaller articles packed into several plastic tubs or boxes so they are always ready to go
  • After each holiday or camping trip pack everything away ready for next time
  • Buy food that is in long life packaging and pack it early
  • Children can have their own small back pack or carry bag for toys, books etc, this limits the amount they can take. Hopefully!
  • Have spare toiletries so that they can be packed and not having to remember to grab toothbrushes & toothpaste etc before you leave
  • Make meals easy, bring pre cooked meals that just need heating, or very easy to cook and prepare meals like hamburgers, BBQ meat and salad, sandwiches etc
  • Take fresh & dried fruit, muesli bars, biscuits and any other ready to eat food you like
  • Check that your gas bottle is full
  • Book into the campground, holiday Park etc so you can sure you will have somewhere to camp or stay especially in school holiday time.

When you are packing up camp clean any equipment you can, so when you get home it can be stored straight away.

When you arrive home sort out everything, pack away what you can straight away and then clean the rest as soon as possible. Take note of any repairs or replacements that you need for next time.

Doing these tips will help you next time prepare for your international trip or domestic trip without getting stressed so you can have fun and relax.