When you are planning your travelling holiday you will have many things to pack and organise. Your vehicles maintenance is very important, it should not be overlooked and don’t assume it will be ok as you may be driving long distances. Use these suggestions as a guide for your vehicles preparation.

Plan your trip with the ability of your vehicle in mind, if you are driving a conventional car or station wagon stay mostly on bitumen roads and if you own a 4WD, then you will be able to be a bit more adventurous and travel on the more remote and rougher roads.

  • Before you leave make sure your vehicle is reliable, has been serviced regularly and has safety things like brakes, tyres checked and a good quality battery etc.
  • Spares should be carried especially if you have an older vehicle. These include things like hoses, fan belts, points, spark plugs and leads, spare oil and water.  Ask your mechanic what he would recommend for your vehicle.
  • It is worth considering joining an auto club that has roadside assistance like RACV or NRMA just in case you have vehicle trouble, this generally does not cost much per year and would be well worth the investment,
  • Make sure you carry a spare wheel and check it is in good condition and inflated ready to be used, as a puncture can happen anytime. If you are going 4WDriving on gravel or rough roads be prepared with spare tubes and puncture repair kit, tools and know how to repair and change wheels.
  • If you are new to 4WDriving there are training courses so that you can have a better understanding of your vehicle and how to drive it as a 4WD. There is also 4×4 clubs you can join and meet some fellow 4WDrivers.

With your vehicle properly prepared, driving experience, spare parts, tools, recovery and safety gear and equipment on board you will be ready for a great driving ad

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