This camping checklist is based on what my family packed when we travelled for 6 weeks – going from Victoria to Alice Springs, Tanami Track to the The Kimberley, around the Gibb River Road, across to Katherine and down Stuart Hwy to Victoria, about 10,000 kms with 2 adults 3 teenagers in a Nissan 4WD Patrol and roof rack bag.

I have added a few extras that we did not take but are optional for other travellers, I have marked the large items we did not take with an asterisk*

Write your own list from these ideas to suit your family.
Add anything else you require.

Below is a link to download the checklist in PDF format and easily print it

___Tent including poles, pegs, guy ropes & pegs, fly. Plastic pegs for sand,
metal pegs Tents usually come with lightweight pegs that bend in hard
conditions, consider buying the heavyweight metal pegs.
___Ground sheet – cut slightly smaller than base of tent)
___Extra tarp and rope to make shade or rain protection cover

___ Portable Generator

___Mattress – air bed & pump, foam, self inflating
___Sleeping bags or sheets, blankets, doona
___Pillow & pillow case

___Camp table – for preparing food
___Extra table to sit around or play games
___Chairs – foldable and comfortable

___Stove & stand, gas hose & fittings
___Gas bottles – check full
___Cooking plate for gas stove or campfire*
___Billy or Kettle
___Fry pans & saucepans
___Camp or Dutch oven
___Oven mitt or gloves and camp oven hook
___Toasting fork & toaster for gas stove
___Plates & bowls – reusable or disposable paper or plastic
___Mugs, cups or glasses
___Utensils – tongs, sharp knife, vegie peeler, mixing spoon, egg rings,
___Cooking tools, spatula, bottle/can opener
___Tea towels, detergent, sponge, pot scrubber
___Cutting board, enamel plates, grater, sieve, mixing bowl, small measuring jug
___Roll of foil, cling wrap, baking paper, freezer bags, zip lock bags
___Small containers for leftover food to go in
___Paper towel & Chux

___Wash up tub, can use a container that you are already bringing
___Detergent, dish brush, sponge & tea towels

___Jerry cans for fuel
___Fishing boat* & safety equipment*
___Fishing rods, tackle box and bait, licence if required
___Bicycles* & helmets*
___Floor mat for entrance of tent, can be a hessian bag
___Flashlight, torch or other lighting- rechargeable, LED, gas, 12 volt
___Rope for clothesline & pegs
___Shower bag or heated water system, hoses etc
___Stubby holders (great for protecting breakables)
___Large water jerry cans or containers 10 or 20 litre
___Personal water bottles
___Matches or lighter
___Pocket knife or multi purpose tool
___Travel clock or watch
___Mobile phone & recharger, CB radio
___Axe or hatchet & small shovel
___Plastic bucket or collapsible water bucket
___Back pack
___Sewing kit
___Garbage bags
___Hammer for tent pegs
___Floor brush & pan
___Repair kit – large rubber bands, tie wire, strong needle and nylon thread,
___Cable/zip ties, nylon rope, spare shoelaces, gaffa tape
___Laundry detergent
___Spare Batteries
___Mossie net
___Small rake & broom

___Hair brush/comb/clips/shampoo/conditioner
___Toothbrush & paste
___Soap, Deodorant
___Towels – some for swimming & showering
___Shaving razor/cream
___Lip balm
___Sunscreen & Insect repellent
___Toilet paper & Tissues
___Anti bacterial hand cleaner & Hand towel

___First Aid kit & book
___Panadol or similar pain relief
___Cold & flu tablets
___Prescription medication and prescription repeats
___Asthma & allergy relief
___Nose spray
___Eye & ear drops
___Antiseptic cream
___Tweezers & nail scissors
___Bandages, band aids & safety pins
___Sunburn soothing cream
___Snake bite kit
___‘Sting Goes’ type spray or cream
___Small Scissors

Take enough to be clean, dry & warm take enough for at least 4 – 5 days
What you take depends on conditions cold/warm/hot/wet
Hand or machine washing can be done at laundrettes or in Holidays parks
Mornings and evenings can be cool, take clothing for all seasons
Layers of clothing usually work well.

___Long/short pants or jeans
___Long/short sleeve shirts
___Sun hat or warm hat
___Wet weather gear
___Thick/thin socks, under wear, hankies
___Old pair of shoes for walking creeks or mud
___Gloves, mittens, scarf
___Hiking boots, thongs, sandals, runners, walking shoes

___Soft & play toys – remember the favourite toys
___Card, board, & ball games
___Reading & colouring book/pencils (we recommend this new 3D one).
___Book suitable for diary
___Scissors, colour paper, glue stick
___Life jackets/flotation device
___Glow sticks / torch
___Baby & toddler requirements
___Swimming Goggles

___Booking info,tickets & receipts if you have booked campsites or activity
___Mobile phone & recharger
___Wallet, money, credit cards, identification etc.
___Sunglasses & reading glasses
___Binoculars & compass
___Note paper, pen, book for holiday diary
___Itinerary of where to plan to go
___Camera, film, batteries, video camera
___Map books, tourist info
___Contact phone numbers
___Envelopes, stamps, address book
___Magazines & Books
___Remember special occasions like birthdays etc

___Meat – steak, sausages, chicken, mince, hamburgers, rissoles, bacon etc
___Basic foods – eggs, rice, pasta, flour (add other foods required)
___Milk, fresh or long life
___Beer, wine etc
___Soft drink, cordial etc
___Hot drinks, coffee, tea, Milo, sugar etc.
___Butter & cooking oil
___Salt,  pepper, herbs, spices
___Tomato, barbecue, soy sauce
___Toast spreads – honey, vegemite, jam
___Breakfast cereal
___Snacks & sweets – chips, biscuits, cakes etc
___Packaged food – pancake mix, soup mixes, dried veges, jelly, instant noodles etc
___Fruit, vegetables & cheese
___Bread & bread rolls, mountain bread, saladas, muffins, crumpets

___Radiator Hose
___Fanbelts & hoses
___Battery jumper leads
___Oil & Fuel Filter
___Spare tyre tubes and repair patch kit
___Tyre leaver, bead breaker
___Tool kit
___Snatch strap
___No 8 wire – very strong farm fencing wire
___Gaffa tape & electrical tape
___Can WD40
___Basic recovery gear – Snatch strap, 2 ‘D’ shackles, shovel, axe and jack.

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