Kids love camping, the younger you take them the more they used to it and love it. I took my first child camping at the age of 6 months, I found that it does change the way you look at camping a bit as you have to keep this little person fed, happy and reasonably clean.

Camping with babies is easier than you might think. Babies are adaptable and sleep more than toddlers. Toddlers are more of a challenge as they can run around and must be watched constantly, but they love it, there is so much for them to do.

Camping for the first time doesn’t always go perfectly but you soon learn with more practice and better planning. Start with a short trip like 2 nights close to home, so you can return home if necessary.

Avoid the hot or cold weather, pick a time that is nice average weather, it’s much harder if you are trying to keep everyone warm or cooling them down.

Remember to take all the usual baby or toddler supplies eg. nappies, wipes, blankets, bibs, bottles, cups, medication, clothes etc. Take more rather than less.

Several days prior to packing make list of all the things you use during the day for your baby or toddler then hopefully you won’t leave anything at home.

If you have been camping before consider going to a familiar campground, then you will know exactly what facilities are available.

Plan to arrive at your campground well before dark, setting up camp with babies or toddlers with you add to the challenge and everything will take longer.

Make your meals very easy to make and prepare, preparing your meals (like soup or a casserole) at home and freezing them in small containers is a big help. They will be defrosted by the time you will need them just heat them in a saucepan or camp oven.

Most important thing is to enjoy camping with your baby, toddler or older kids. Make it fun, let them get a bit dirty, play with other camp kids, let them help you setup camp and get them involved even if it takes twice as long.

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