Do you have photos everywhere. Printed photos still in their packets, many unorganized files or CDs of your digital umages. Choose your favourite digital images and have them printed so they can be added to your collection, then they can be seen easily on your walls or in an album. Here is a few easy ways to get them displayed.

photo-album.thumbnail Photo Album

For your printed photos buy several matching photos albums of different colours, matching albums will look better then several different types on your shelf. Also if you have different colours than you can have a different one for each holiday, child, subject or year etc.

Gather up all your photos and sort them into the different subjects that suit you. Mark each packet as to what the photos are if you haven’t already. Then start with the one subject and sort them in order that you would like them to be displayed.

The photo albums with the slip in pockets are by far the easiest to manage, the details can be noted next to the photo. Do one photo album at a time, rather then trying to bits of each one or you will get in a mess and it will seem like you are getting nowhere. Continue until all albums are complete, don’t expect to do this in a week, it may take several months. Well Done! Now you can proudly show everybody and leave one on your coffee table.


photo-frame.thumbnail Photo Collage in Frame

Another way to display your printed photos is to place them in a large frame and make a collage. I made this one, I purchased the frame from a discount store for $30 Bargain! The frame had a poster size picture in it so I took the picture out and I was left with a large frame to add my photos to. I sorted out the photos I wanted to display and stuck them onto the backing board.

There are many ways to display them just use your imagination, you can add some decorative paper like scrapbooking paper to make it more interesting and fill in any gaps.


Scrapbooking is a decorative and exciting way to display your photos. Your photographs will hold more meaning, for you and your loved ones, if they know the story behind them. Create individual pages with many layouts and decorations available.

Collection of Photo Frames

Another excellent way to display your printed photos is to buy a selection of frames and hang them together in an organised way or randomly. There are many types of frames available at reasonable prices, it’s worth looking at discount stores, you may find a bargain. The frames can be wooden, plastic or metal and a variety of colours and choose frames that suit your homes decor.


Whether you put your photos in a frame, album or scrapbook take the time to capture those magical moments in your life. Those special times in our lives when something wonderful happens . . . or you’re amazed by your child’s achievements. Capture those special moments as they happen and treasure them.

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