When you are camping with kids give them easy to do jobs so they don’t get frustrated or bored easily. Have it worked out so they know what they have to do each time,  we use the reward of when the jobs are done they can explore and play and get an ice cream if we are near a shop.

Younger kids will start with the very basic jobs and older kids will be able to put up their own tents and set up stoves, lights etc. Here is a few ideas that they can do for starters and you may be able to add in different jobs and share them between several children depending on your situation.

  • Unpacking the car is usually the first job which everyone can help with.
  • Gathering firewood is a good one they love doing, show them what types of firewood you need, dry leaves, kindling, sticks and logs. Then show them how to start a campfire and keep it going.
  • Setting up tents can be done by everyone, even younger kids can help clear the area if necessary, help unfold the tent and pull it tight, carry the pegs and try to hit them in. Older kids will be able to do this by themselves, depending on the size of tent a few extra hands may be needed to steady the tent to set up the poles.
  • Getting the bedding ready can be done once the tent is up, set up the mattresses and unroll sleeping bags and add a pillow. This is usually the fun bit getting their bed just right, adding luggage and maybe favourite toys, books etc.
  • Preparing meals should be reasonably easy if you have planned out what you are having for at least the first few days. Let the kids help with the camp cooking if they are interested, usually it’s a good idea to have some of their favourite meals included. Take your time, you are camping so make it casual and don’t worry if the meal is later than usually time doesn’t usually matter.

There will be lots of little jobs to be done, make them fun rather than being a chore. Everything may take a little longer to do, but remember you are having quality time with your kids.

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