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When you go camping and on holidays there are always some things that can’t be replaced easily and you don’t want to forget to take with you. your list may vary a bit depending on where you are going and what you are doing. The list could include important paperwork like passports, flight tickets, booking receipts, camera, glasses, drivers licence, regular prescription medication, money and bankcards.

There are many other things that you don’t want to forget because it will be an inconvenience or a child will be very upset when a favourite toy or book has been left at home.

Here are a few  ideas for next time you are going camping or on a holiday.

The ‘Must Do List Before Leaving’ should set out all the things you must do before leaving home, depending on how long you are going away for. If you are going for a weekend there may only be a few things to do, while for a longer holiday you may need someone to collect the mail and look after pets etc.

The ’Must Have List’ will be a list of everything you require or want to take. You can start collecting items a week or two before packing.

A good way to get these things together is to have a box that these get placed into as you collect them. Place the box somewhere it can be easily seen. As you add items to the box, cross them off the list. Keep the list attached to the box itself or on the fridge or notice board.

Kids can add their special items as well, they may find it fun to have their own list and cross off items as they are placed inside the box.

The last minute ‘Reminder List’ is for just before you are leaving. Maybe you are leaving very early in the morning and you need a reminder to grab your pillow, torch, food and drinks for in the car, toiletries, check your animals and turn everything off in the house etc.

To make that last minute packing a little easier, it will help you if you can pack most of the usual last minute things earlier. To do this, pack as much as you can and use spare or alternate items. For your toiletries, have a spare toothbrush and small containers of shampoo, soap, toothpaste etc.

Usually the ‘Must Have’ things are necessary or comfort items, having a list may help remind you to take these necessary items with you, it may be the difference between having a great holiday or one of inconvenience or discomfort.

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