Instead of throwing a mixture of food in a box when you are packing to go camping and hoping for the best. Organise beforehand what you are going to have for each meal. Let’s say you are going for a long weekend and you are arriving on Saturday morning at your campsite and leaving Monday afternoon. That will be 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners.

Organise what you will have for each meal and pack that food with a bit of spare tin or packet food.  Do meals that are easy to prepare with minimum clean up afterwards and similar to what you would do at home, especially if you are new to camping.


It does depend on what cooking equipment you have as to what you can cook, a gas stove & BBQ would be the most common, then you will be frying or cooking in a saucepan. If you have a campfire as well than you may use a camp oven and cook a roast or a stew which is quite easy to do.

Here is a few popular camping foods that are easy to cook and prepare

Pancakes with butter and syrup are great for breakfast or sweets, the mixture can be bought ready just add water to make pancakes very easy.

Hamburgers are easy, just add the rolls or bread with lettuce, sauce, cheese etc.

Eggs, onion and bacon in a muffin, or a plateful.  Great for any meal time.

Pasta is a quick and easy meal. Cook the meat and add the pasta and sauce.

A Barbecue meal is always popular, sausages, chops, steak, onion and any extras.

Cooking Marshmallows on the campfire is fun if you like them cooked, if not eat them out of the bag.

Breakfast cereals are easy, just add milk. If you have a campfire cooking toast early in the morning is fun, campfire toast is far better than pop up toast.

Fruit, popcorn and muesli bars are easy snacks

Hot drinks like Milo, coffee, tea are great when it’s cold, also cup a soup is easy.

Cold drinks like juice, milk and water are necessary, pack the beer and wine too.

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