I have been using the internet for about 10 years, starting out googling for info on just about any subject like everyone else does. It is just amazing what you can find, someone has the answers to virtually any question.

After my youngest son finished primary school I started looking at the internet to start a website and learning how it works behind the scenes. Which is an amazing learning curve, I still learn something new everyday.

In 2006 I started a website with a friend, we wanted to create a website that catered for rural people and it would be an online community. After a lot of research www.blokesnsheilas.com.au was created and is still active with over 1300 members.

BlokesnSheilas is an online community for all Australians looking for friendship.BlokesnSheilas is not just for single people but for all Aussies who embrace the rural way of life whether they live in a country town, on a farm or in the city.

We realise that all Aussies are doing it tough especially our farmers so BlokesnSheilas is free and we also support Aussie Helpers by raising awareness of Aussie Helpers who help anyone in need.
Through BlokesnSheilas we met ‘The Prairie Oysters’ an Aussie band from Melbourne. We decided to combine our ideas to help rural people and raise money for Aussie Helpers and started ‘Handshakes and Beyond’ Charity Concerts which you can read about Here.

Below is the links to the poem ‘Beyond the Handshake’ from Blokesn Sheilas and the song ‘When the Dust Settles’ by the Prairie Oysters.

Why Blog About Camping?


Firstly What is a Blog?
A blog is a web site, where you write info on an ongoing basis. New info shows up at the top, so visitors can read the newest article easily. Visitors can leave comments,  link to it or email. A blog is a personal diary or can be written about any subject you want too.  There are millions of blogs, all subjects, shapes and sizes.


Why Do We Blog?

This is best answered on a post from Problogger Darren Rouse, Darren asked his members why do they blog, the answers are very interesting


Starting My Blog

I started this blog as I was looking for a new challenge involving the internet, striving to learn more and widen my internetting horizons.

I have been fascinated by ’‘Blogs’ for awhile and decided to research what they are about, I mainly read info from these top Australian bloggers like Darren Rowse from Pro Blogger and Yaro Starak from Entrenpreneurs Journey they  both have an incredible amount of info and knowledge about blogging and small business.

One of the first things I had to do was work what was my Blog to be about. The suggestion is to select a topic that you have knowledge of like a hobby, a passion or something you have experience in.

So I made a list of hobbies and things I like and have an interest in. Gardening, photography, internet, family, animals, dogs, craft, puzzles, books – I couldn’t see any of these working as a blog for me. So I left that idea for a few days. Then I realised
I have been camping for 25 years. and more recently travelling Australia.


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Travelling To Canada September 2009
Travelling to Canada was an amazing experience, although it was only for 10 days. I have always hoped to go overseas sometime but had no plans to until my eldest son got the opportunity to compete in the ‘Worldskills’ competition at Calgary.

The ‘Worldskills’ competition is like the Olympics for apprentices of trades eg plumbers, florists, hairdressing, electricians, painters, web design etc. About 50 countries are involved in at least 40 catergories, Competitors compete in there own countries and then represent for their country.

My son ended up being in the top ten for his catergory in the world which was a nexcellent result. Overall Australia received 10 medals which was twice as many as the previous competition in 2007. Australia is placed 5th in the world, which is amazing!!

We stayed at Calgary and Vancouver both beautful cities. We met quite a few Aussies working over there. We had limited time for exploring but we did get to see some beautiful sights. here are a few of them.

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