Going camping with your family and friends is an excellent way to get together in the great outdoors, it’s cheap, fun and creates many great memories.

Do amazing activities together like hiking, fishing, swimming or the more adventurous things like rafting, snorkelling, 4WDriving and much more.

If you want to have a quieter camping trip, how about relaxing and reading a book or magazine, go for a walk and discover the local area. Family camping can become a regular event that everyone will look forward and create some great memories. There are 3 main reasons  why camping appeals too so many people, it is cheap, fun and creates  memories.


Camping is Cheaper

Camping can be a very cheap holiday, if you are lucky enough you may have somewhere great to camp for free or cheap, even if you stay in a campground and pay fees it is still far cheaper than staying in a cabin or motel. The main expenses after that is fuel, if you only travel several hours from home the fuel cost will be kept to a minimum.

Several years ago my family went to the Gold Coast to go to the Theme Parks. To keep the cost down we camped in tents at a campground nearby. By doing this it kept the price down considerably and we still got to enjoy the Gold Coast.


Family Fun

Camping allows your family to be together and enjoy the little things like the campfire, fishing, relaxing, going for walks. Camping tends to make it easier to do things together and get involved in any planning of activities.


Memories To Remember

Going camping & travelling creates memories, whether they are good, not so good, funny, amazing, they are all experiences to treasure. You may have done something memorable like climbed  Uluru, or caought your first fish, learnt to swim, had your first rollercoaster ride or achieved something that you have always wanted to do.

Hopefully you have been able to capture these memories with photos or video, if not you sure will remember it as a special day.

Make your next  adventure cheap, fun and memorable!

The above photo is of Lake Mckenzie on Fraser Island, my family have visited Fraser island several times. Each time we have made sure we visited this amazing lake that looks just like the photo. Absolutely Glorious!

Whats your best camping adventure?