Many people have the dream of one day travelling around Australia, but don’t realise until they start planning how far it is and how long it will take. To travel around Australia is approx 20,000kms just to do the main highway without allowing for side tracking, a quick trip would be about 3 months or 12 months or longer for the extreme adventure drive.

If you are not ready for the lap of Australia consider doing it in sections.

Here are some tips and ideas for you to consider when you are planning to travel Australia whether it is a lap of Australia, travelling within one state or territory or a big trip from north to south, east to west etc.

  • Start with planning your itinerary, put a map in front of you and mark or write down where you are interested in going. Then work the approx kms and how far you want to travel per day and how long you think you want to stay at each place and you will get an approx idea of how long it will take, adjust your trip itinerary until it suits you and your time available.
  • To work out an approx idea of what fuel you will use and the cost, multiply the amount of kms to be travelled by how much fuel your vehicle uses per km, then multiply by the approx cost of the fuel, allow a bit extra as fuel will be more expensive in remote areas.
  • Depending on what accommodation you plan to use, accommodation can vary considerably. A few options are staying in motels, hotels, cabins where possible, powered or unpowered sites which can vary from about $10 to $50 or more per night. National Parks only ask for a minimal fee or there is free camping sites scattered over Australia, usually without amenities.
  • Food is another cost, but as you have to eat at home you already have that expense anyway. Your food expenditure may cost a little extra, depending on how much  cooking you do yourself and how many times you have takeaways and restaurant meals.
  • Don’t forget while you are away you still have to pay your home expenses like power, loans, rates etc.
  • When Travelling around or part of Australia your main costs are fuel, accommodation, food, activities and souvenirs. Allow for repairs for your vehicle or camping equipment and any other unforeseen costs that may occur.

Travelling Australia is an amazing experience, my family have done several big trips  and can’t wait for the next time we travel the great outdoors again. Using the trips that we have done as an example, we travelled 10,000 kms in 6 weeks and tented most places and it cost about $1000 per week in 2000 & 2003, might be about $1200 now.

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