Purchasing maps or a map book when you are planning your holiday will give you the opportunity to plan and  study all your options, distances etc  There are many types of maps, they come in books like an atlas, folded maps usually of each state or more detailed areas. 4WD detailed maps, topography, local tourist maps you would pick up from a Tourist Information Centre, Tourist or Holiday Park or other accommodation.


If you are 4WD driving it is worth getting the detailed maps that are available, sometimes they come with the information pack when you buy a National Park permit. They will also be available at camping stores or map stores online.

A Guide book is invaluable when you are travelling as they will give you information for the town or area that you are visiting, including accommodation, attractions, natural features, shops etc. There are three types of guides that can be used to help you when travelling.

Free Guide Books are usually available from Information Centres or your place of accommodation, these show a map of the town and local area, attractions shops etc.

Most tourist websites have the same information, so you can search for a town, area or state, in most cases there will be a tourism site. They should have the most reliable and up to date information as they would be updated regularly.

Accommodation Guide Books sometimes can be bought that covers camping accommodation like Caravan, Holiday, Tourist parks or they may cover camping sites as well as hotels, motels, B&Bs, holiday houses, resorts etc.

4WD Guide Books can be purchased that give you itineraries and instructions to travel in particular areas for example ‘the Kimberley’ or the ‘Outback’.

Usually these are made for 4WD trips, where you need a lot more detail in maps and instructions as there are fewer signposts for directions available. Also a lot more care has to be taken and safety becomes an issue so this type of guide will include a lot of vehicle and personal safety and communication information.

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