This vehicle checklist contains a comprehensive list of items to use on your next 4WD trip. Not all of them will be essential for you to take with you, depending on if you are going to travel remote areas of Australia or not.

Use this list as a guide. You may find a few things that you may not have thought of previously and decide to take. Be safe and prepared. Have a great trip.

General Items

Basic recovery gear – see below

Fire extinguisher

CB radio, satellite phone

Tool kit & spare parts – see list below

Water – carry at least 5 litres per person, 10 litres for remote areas

Take a good 4WD map and GPS navigator

Spare fuel and jerry cans and pouring spout

Use the Extensive Camping Checklist for your camping equipment

General Tools

Pliers & wire cutters

Open ended spanners of suitable type

Pliers & wire cutters

Adjustable spanners

Pipe wrench screwdrivers, flat and phillips

Socket set of suitable type, including ratchet, extensions, universal joints

Spark plug spanner

Hammer, chisel

Silicone sealer

Glue – general purpose like araldite and super glue

Jack – suitable for lifting car, preferably high lift mechanical type

Wheel nut spanner

Air compressor (12 volt) or foot pump

Tyre pressure gauge

Metal file

Multi meter


Nuts, bolts and screws of various sizes

Gaffa or Duct tape

About a metre of Heavy wire eg. No 8 fencing wire

Battery jumper leads

WD40 or CRC

Repair manual

Hand drill & bits

Cable Ties

Any customized tools for your vechile

Basic Recovery Kit

Snatch strap

Two rated and stamped ‘D’ shackles



Jack and jacking plate

Add these if you are going into remote areas

Manual and/or Electric Winch

Tree protector strap, winch extension straps

Snatch-Block, extra ‘D’ shackles

High lift jack and accessories

Air bag jack


Snow chains – if required

Recovery points securely mounted to front and rear of vehicle


Vehicle Spares

Radiator hoses, heater hoses, fan belts

Hose & fan belt for air conditioner.

Fuses, globes, electric wire, spark plugs, plug leads, points, coil and condenser

Air, oil, fuel filters

Spare tyre tube and patches

Hose Clamps

Engine Oil

Wheel bearing grease

For extended remote trips you could include a more comprehensive range of tools and spares, but there is a limit to what you can take.

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