There’s no doubt travelling around in an RV like a campervan or motorhome would be a great experience as you will have all your conveniences on board, but RVs do have a some Pros and Cons that should be considered.

One Pro is there will be no packing up a tent, you will have a solid roof over your head and sit inside in comfort on those rainy cold days or even hot days you can turn on the air conditioning

If you are thinking about buying or renting an RV for your travelling holidays, there is a few advantages and disadvantages with RVs that need to be considered. Here are a few Pros and Cons.


RV Pros

  • RVs come with basic needs, kitchen, beds, table, seats, storage, stove etc. and some have a TV, shower & toilet. This of course makes a big difference if you have all these conveniences.
  • Your children maybe more comfortable travelling in an RV
  • Saves you money if you usually stay at motels and eat out often, a powered site and you have the capability of cooking your own meals
  • Gives you the ability to take longer holidays
  • You have the choice of rent or buy. Renting is an option if you would like to experience an RV without the oultay of buying an RV
  • Driving an RV requires no special licence or requirements, but it would be a good idea to practice driving it around, parking and reversing
  • If you have a shower & toilet on board you won’t have to use the amenities at the holiday park or the local town.


RV Cons

  • Fuel can be expensive, make sure the RV is reasonably economical to run, be prepared for the cost of fuel
  • Campgrounds may charge more for RVs
  • If the RV is too small you maybe be crowded, especially if you are travelling as a family
  • If you are buying an RV do you have the storage room at home or elsewhere to keep it when it is not being used. Also are you going to use the RV enough to warrant buying one, consider renting if it is only going to be occassional trip

Usually RVs have a fold out awning, take some comfortable chairs and small table and enjoy the outdoors when the weather is suitable. Say G’day to other campers and enjoy your surroundings especially if you are parked with a spectacular view.

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