Having children does not mean you have to stop going camping or travelling and wait until they are older. What you can do is think a little differently than you did when you went camping or travelling without kids.

Start by going at a slower pace and not travelling as far as you previously did and taking more breaks when required.

Depending on the age of your children and how many, everyone will need to compromise as you travel or organise activities. The youngest will probably determine when stops are required and when activities happen.

  • The first step is to accept your holiday will be different than previous holidays before kids. You will still have a great time it will just be a different sort of great time.
  • Taking kids travelling & camping isn’t really more work you just have to do things a bit differently. Those unexpected things will still happen,  try to be prepared for kids getting sick and needing to stay in bed or at least rest for a day. Accept you plans may have to change quickly. Be prepared and have a flexible itinerary.
  • Accept that your meals and outings will be different, a bit less of the restaurant meals, coffee shops etc. This may change to family orientated food shops, takeaway meals and cooking more meals at camp, cabin etc

The best part is enjoying camping and travelling with your family and seeing  the world through their eyes.  Use the experience to spend time together talking, have fun doing a variety of activities, laughing and enjoying your holiday.

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